Delivering complex IT initiatives requires specialist skills and people with great passion for producing successful outcomes. At Integral, we have both. Our eight core practices support the key pillars enabling us to successfully deliver complex IT initiatives.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT PRACTICE Experienced and qualified project managers ensure the success of your projects. Often organisations choose to deliver projects with internal resources who also have day jobs to do, leading to less than ideal project outcomes. Integral’s ProjectNOW is the answer to this problem. ProjectNOW provides a comprehensive range of services to suit most organisations’ portfolio, program and project needs and is available on a subscription basis. Read more 

TECHNICAL SERVICES We take complex business problems and provide simple IT solutions via our full application life cycle delivery. Our highly experienced Technical Services team operates across three major service offerings:

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT The greatest complexity in a modern organisation comes from the management of its critical information. We treat information as an asset and using our skills, tools and methodologies, help your organisation maximise the information you own. Our Information Management practice provides full lifecycle information management capabilities including:

  • content management
  • reporting and business intelligence
  • information management
  • architecture and design
  • data warehousing
  • data integration and migration
  • data cleansing.

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TECHNOLOGY TESTING AND ASSURANCE PRACTICE We have all heard stories of failed IT projects due to the lack of formal requirements and little understanding of risk. Integral provides trusted testing and assurance tools and methodologies and works with clients to build quality into their systems. Integral understands that testing is a business risk mitigation exercise that should be designed to deliver business value. We tailor our solutions,
engagement and pricing model to best fit our client’s needs.Read more 

TRAINING AND MENTORING Our team develops and delivers training and mentoring programs within our core technical and delivery areas. Our training partners are ORACLE® UNIVERSITY and RedHat. We offer educational courses in Australia and South Asia and regularly run product courses on behalf of vendors. We also develop and run training courses on solution development, integration methodologies and ConfigNOW  (Integral’s Configuration Management solution for Oracle Fusion Middleware and JBoss). Read more 

DESIGN AND CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Very few technology solution businesses consider the human experience, because they don’t see it as their remit. We see it as an integral component in everything we do. Our branding and marketing team provides a full suite of design and content creation services, all focused on delivering the best user experience; from website design, UX and CX design, product branding and general brand alignment, SEO to social media integration, strategy development and content development for sites, implementation and general communications.

CONFIGNOW Establishing and managing environments is complex, particularly in larger scale solutions. We have developed an innovative solution to this problem called ConfigNOW that can be used to establish complex Oracle Fusion Middleware based solutions in minutes, not days. You can find out more in the ConfigNOW section of our website and download the product itself. Read more 

SUPPORTNOW Specialist IT skills are difficult to find and even harder to maintain. Complex systems demand expert skills to operate and run. We have developed a unique approach to provide these specialist skills on call 24 hours a day, it’s called SupportNOWRead more