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      Build new environments rapidly and manage current ones reliably, using a repeatable, extendable, template driven approach.
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      We run a 24×7 operational support centre that provides specialist skills to assist in the operation and management of Java and Oracle Fusion Middleware based solutions.
      The Integral Integration Methodology is a comprehensive integration methodology that ensures the success of an integration based project.
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      We’ve taken our well-tuned methodologies and used Integral tools such as ConfigNOW and SupportNOW to provide a delivery framework that gives you full visibility, control, flexibility, support and, ultimately, a successful project outcome.
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We have all heard stories of failed IT projects due to the lack of formal requirements and little understanding of risk. Integral provides trusted testing and assurance tools and methodologies and works with clients to build quality into their systems. Integral understands that testing is a business risk mitigation exercise that should be designed to deliver business value. We tailor our solutions, engagement and pricing model to best fit our client’s needs.

Integral focuses on ensuring that:

  • Performance risks of new/upgraded software are minimised
  • Business sponsors make informed decisions on technology resilience prior to go live
  • Client costs are minimised with efficient testing practices (via automation and a smart mix of strategic onshore and offshore testing professionals)

Integral has deep expertise to:

  • Test Strategies, Planning and Team Leadership (including offshore teams)
  • Audit/Governance/Test Process Improvement
  • Integration Testing
  • Test Automation and Automation Frameworks (especially automation frameworks targeted at the integration layer)
  • Performance Testing

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Full lifecycle support


Integral resources

Integral can provide clients with a wide range of onshore and offshore resources. Resource types available both in the Manual and Automation arenas are:

Test Director   Senior Test Analysist   Test Manager   Test Analysis   Test Lead   Graduates

Types of testing

Integration testing – Testing of integrated modules to verify combined functionality after integration.

Functional testing – Testing that focuses on the output to ensure it is as per business requirements.

System testing – An entire system is tested to requirements and covers all combined parts of a system.

End-to-end testing – Similar to system testing, involves testing of a complete application environment in a situation that mimics real-world use.

Sanity testing – Testing to determine if a new software version is stable enough for further testing.

Regression testing – Testing the application as a whole after modification in any module or functionality. Typically automation tools are used for this type of testing.

Acceptance testing – Normally this type of testing is done by the client to verify if the system meets the client specified requirements.

Performance testing – This is testing to check a system behaviour under a range of loads to determine at what point the system’s response time degrades or fails.

Mobile testing – is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency.

Dev ops – is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration between software developers and other IT professionals such as testing experts, while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Integral’s Technology Testing and Assurance Practice (TT&AP) works with clients to provide outstanding business outcomes through the application of sensible solutions and engagement models. The practice supports all aspects of testing and quality management across the entire software development lifecycle.