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Space problems when installing Fusion Middleware

By November 26, 2012August 18th, 2015ConfigNOW, SOA Suite, WebLogic Server


Space is not only the final frontier, as Captain James Tiberius Kirk put it, but it’s also one of the more frustrating reasons for a failed install of WebLogic Server, SOA Suite, or any other part of the Fusion Middleware stack.

It’s particularly frustrating when you’ve got a big juicy disk mount available on the server you’re installing to, but for whatever reason, the product you’re installing keeps trying to unpack to a tiny /tmp directory on the local machine.

So really quickly, here’s a couple of tips to point installations at a different path to use for temporary files.

Installing WebLogic Server with ConfigNOW

When installing WebLogic Server using ConfigNOW, you can pass the -Dtmpdir= parameter to the install command as per below:

ConfigNOW install_weblogic local simple -Dtmpdir=/mnt/bunch_of_space-here

For ConfigNOW 4.1 RC4 and older versions, it will still print output indicating that /tmp is being used, but don’t worry – it’s using the correct directory. In more recent versions than that, the output is displayed correctly.

Installing SOA Suite with ConfigNOW

When installing SOA Suite with ConfigNOW, the soa.install.tmp.dir parameter can be used to indicate the temporary directory to unzip the SOA Suite installation to before performing the actual install. The actual install itself will still revert to whatever is set to, however. Speaking of which…

Setting with _JAVA_OPTIONS

Courtesy of this excellent series of responses on StackOverflow, it’s possible to set implicit Java options that will get picked up by most Fusion Middleware scripts and become part of the full JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable using the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable as below:

Hope some of that helps the next time you’re having issues installing Fusion Middleware products, whether it’s with ConfigNOW, or installing manually.

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