What do you do at Integral and what motivates you to do it?

My role at Integral is Principal Consultant within the Program & Project Delivery team. I’m currently consulting with Suncorp in their BI Transformation Program as their Program Manager for the EFLI (Enterprise Foundation Layer & Insights) project.

I’m highly motivated by change especially complex change and this is certainly on offer within the BI domain in Suncorp.

Additionally, I’m an Agile advocate who loves working within an Agile environment.

How do you help Integral deliver the complex?

Working as an Integral Consultant within the BI Transformation Program at Suncorp, epitomises everything Integral strives for in delivering the complex. This Program goes across the entire Group to acquire hundreds of sources of data into one place and uses it to streamline and build meaningful and effective reporting for Leaders across the entire company

What 3 words would a loved one or friend use to describe you?




What is the biggest life lesson you have learnt?

Whilst probably not the biggest life lesson ever learned, I did experience a ‘light bulb’ moment whilst attending a recent Agile Facilitation and Management training course. The statement of “Everyone is right – partially”, struck a resounding cord with me and the power this has during negotiation. In addition, it is now something I consciously think of when dealing with my teenage son! Enough said!