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Author: Cameron Tuesley

2016 marks Integral’s 15th anniversary and we are proud to be celebrating this milestone year with our wonderful clients, partners, staff and alumni.

Reflecting on what’s made us last the distance, there’s three things that stand out dedication to exceeding our clients’ expectations and perseverance in finding better ways of solving technology problems and challenges, plus innovation which has become a real buzz word in the last few years, but for us as always really sat at the heart of how we address problems.

A bit of history: Integral started in 2001, like most start-ups – with a couple of people on a kitchen bench, which was quickly outgrown and replaced by offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Our client base expanded and within a few short years so did our capability, adding Project & Program Delivery, Information Management, and the Testing & Quality service lines to our base of Technical Services.

Off the back of all the hard work we’ve won a number of awards for our work and innovation. In fact Integral has now won an International IT award every year since 2012 and while that’s something we’re proud of and happy to talk about, the greater reward is knowing the positive impact of our work beyond business, out in the real world.

We’ve impacted thousands of people – helping university students to have a better online experience, creating systems that help people save money and the environment, enabling people to better plan their travel through access to real-time traffic information, even improving response times for crews to fix electricity outages. In our spare time we’ve also mentored students and contributed technology for an award-winning solar car, which now represents Australia at international events.

15 years on, it’s fair to say Integral’s work has been as much about people as it is the technology and that’s unlikely to change over the next 15 years. We don’t take for granted the contribution our valued clients, technology partners, and dedicated team members have made to our success.

So where to from here? Well it would be fair to say that in truly innovative companies, the future is never set in stone and that is certainly true for Integral. That said we have a number of new challenges that we are focused on right now, including the growth of our southern regional offices, our new product division and our growing international focus.

If you had asked me 15 years ago what would Integral look like in 2016, I would not have dared suggest that we would have close to 50 staff across three states and a multi international award winning business.

If you ask me today where we are going to be in 15 years from now, I’d be more than happy to tell you my vision for the company. However, what I’m really excited about is the journey that we are going to take to get there and the team we are going to build on the way and the impact that we are going to have on people and businesses as we head there. We’re certainly not there yet, we’re just getting started.