ENERGEX had a low level automation system in place for their field workers that was not handling the increased quantity of data, providing sufficient accuracy, or speed of delivery to the field.


When developing a replacement system, ENERGEX wanted the new system to improve customer service levels, assist field staff in completing safer and higher performing field work, and use a smarter, integrated electronic schedule and dispatch tool (Ventyx Service Suite).


The resulting solution uses Field Force Automation (FFA) technology, implemented with the latest release of the Service Suite solution from Ventyx and incorporated the integration of a number of ENERGEX’s host systems. This allows ENERGEX crews now locate faults in the network faster than ever through satellite navigation, tracking, and dispatch. The FFA computer system provides field crews with unprecedented access to electronic information about outages and customer premises from their vehicle, reducing phone calls and travel time during storms and other peak periods. The new system benefits millions of people throughout Queensland and New South Wales, providing faster, more efficient responses from ENERGEX.