The ClimateSmart Home Services (CSHS) was a Queensland Government initiative (managed by LGIS), specifically designed to help Queenslanders reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their household bills.


LGIS sought to upgrade its systems to enable business improvements and efficiencies in delivering the ClimateSmart Home Service (CSHS). This involved redeveloping the ClimateSmart Home Audit System, a real time workforce automation system for electricians visiting customers’ homes and performing audits. Supporting works included a website with the CSHS booking system, an online feedback module and the ‘How Low Can You Go’ portal, which provided in-home audit results and recommendations on savings and energy use.


Integral and LGIS collaborated to develop the ClimateSmart Home Service information and data management systems. A very useable, highly adaptable product, CSHS succeeded in raising awareness to saving energy in Queensland across markets. CSHS’s new technology architecture included a high performance hosted enterprise class infrastructure that provided efficient availability (99.9%) and was scalable (for increased customer levels.) Supporting high load levels, Integral’s SupportNow service also provided 24×7 management service for the solution and infrastructure components.