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      Build new environments rapidly and manage current ones reliably, using a repeatable, extendable, template driven approach.
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      We run a 24×7 operational support centre that provides specialist skills to assist in the operation and management of Java and Oracle Fusion Middleware based solutions.
      The Integral Integration Methodology is a comprehensive integration methodology that ensures the success of an integration based project.
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Launch Environments in Minutes, Not Days  
ConfigNOW offers a modern approach to establishing and managing environments built on Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM), Red Hat JBoss & Apache Tomcat. It allows DevOps staff to build new environments rapidly and manage environments reliably, by using inherited, extendable templates.

ConfigNOW Community edition is now available as open source on GitHub

Download from GitHub

The Challenge

Managing the ever-increasing complexity of modern IT solutions has never been more challenging. Consider:

  • How do you currently manage your environments and ensure they are correctly configured, patched & in-sync with each other?
  • How many different versions of your environment do you have? How do they compare?
  • How will you continue to manage this complexity when you have tens or even hundreds of environments?
  • How many times have you heard someone say, “it’s happening in production, but we can’t replicate it in test”?

The complexity of modern software environments—coupled with the use of distributed systems and virtualisation—means that solutions are getting ever more complex to design, build and administer. Integral’s ConfigNOW addresses this issue for middleware-based environments through an innovative approach to solution configuration and management.

The Solution

Integral has worked closely with the regions’ largest middleware customers to identify common issues and best practice approaches to the establishment and management of OFM, JBoss and Tomcat based solutions. These approaches have been encapsulated into the ConfigNOW solution, enabling any organisation to benefit. ConfigNOW provides:

  • a simple, elegant user interface allowing users to build, deploy & manage environments and review work done over time;
  • choice of Command Line or Graphical user interfaces (CLI or GUI)
  • flexible, role-based UI security allowing precise permission grants;
  • a centralised configuration build server where all configuration and product installations are managed centrally and distributed automatically;
  • an easy, yet powerful way to define the full configuration of any OFM, JBoss or Tomcat environment;
  • the ability to rapidly create new environments, simply by extending existing ones, allowing complete synchronization across all environments at all times;
  • complete installation, configuration and deployment of environments in a consistent and reliable way, using just one command;
  • a complete set of tools for installing, configuring, deploying and managing middleware systems; and
  • out-of-the-box templates providing best practice approaches for OFM, JBoss and Tomcat solutions.

Is ConfigNow available as Open Source?

Yes, ConfigNOW Community is now available under an open source license, free for upto 3 environments (domains). You can download it from GitHubConfigNOW Enterprise is also provided as open source code under an Enterprise Support Subscription with Integral. Please Contact Us for an Support Subscription for your organisation

Can I trial ConfigNOW before purchasing an Enterprise Support Subscription?

Yes, you can download ConfigNOW Community from GitHub or request ConfigNOW Enterprise from Integral. For a free trial, Download from GitHub.

How do I purchase an Enterprise Support Subscription?

You can purchase an Enterprise Support Subscription by contacting us at [email protected] or calling on 1300 305 089.

Do you provide training courses for ConfigNOW?

Yes, Integral provides a number of training courses, at our premises or yours. We can even tailor a customized course for your organisation specifically. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

I have other questions, how do I contact you?

You can download the complete list of ConfigNOW FAQs or contact us via email or call on 1300 305 089. Our full contact details are available on the Contact Us section of this site.

Are you interested in knowing more about ConfigNOW?

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