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ConfigNOW Extension for jBOSS and Tomcat

By September 10, 2013August 18th, 2015ConfigNOW

ConfigNOW Extension for jBOSS and Tomcat:

Here is a quick POC done to show how easy it is to extend ConfigNOW’s capabilities beyond Oracle middleware product stack. This package has support for JBOSS and TOMCAT for the most common operations that production support teams often require to perform on a day to day basis. However please be noted that at this stage this is only done at POC level and not yet production-ready.

Extending ConfigNOW:

Since almost all of today’s middleware products have support for ANT , the easiest way to add support to any other product stack is by providing it as an ANT extension to ConfigNOW. Here is how we do it.

If you already have an ANT script that has the definitions of all your day to day operations , simply copy that ANT script on to /custom/commands/ant. An example ANT script for JBOSS and TOMCAT servers is available under the same location as part of this package.

  1. As it happens in most cases, if your ANT commands require some properties to be supplied, save all of them into a single file and supply them as any regular ConfigNOW properties file. You can find an example properties file under <ConfigNOW_home>/config/environments/local/ 3. Also, if there are any third-party resources(such as database drivers etc.,) that you wanted to supply for those commands , simply place them under /custom/resources so they can be easily packaged along with the commands.

Running the Commands from Command line:

  1. Running “ConfigNOW help” shows all the JBOSS and TOMCAT specific commands
  2. Example command to install JBOSS is –

     install_jboss local jboss_example

Plugging the new commands to GUI:

It is equally easy and productive to plug those new commands into ConfigNOW GUI with the following steps.

ConfigNOW GUI identifies the ConfigNOW engine location via property “install_dir” in settings.yml. So this needs to have the correct path details for the new COnfigNOW with the additional JBOSS and TOMCAT commands as below.

 # Install-sensitive properties confignow:  

        install_dir: "/home/confignow/engines/ConfigNOW_JBOSS_POC/ConfigNOW" 
        script: "" 
        command: "bash"
  1. ConfigNOW GUI reads all the available commands from settings.yml file, so we need to make sure that each new command has an entry like below.

{ command: “install_jboss”, name: “install JBOSS”, description: “Installs JBOSS to a designated location”, parameters: false, software: “jboss” },

  1. Once the settings.yaml file has been modified to add those new commands we need to make sure that ConfigNOW GUI module reloads the above Configuration changes in the already running instance of GUI without having to restart everything. This can be achieved by executing this command from <ConfigNOW_GUI_home>
rake confignow:load_config confignow:load_permissions

Running the new commands in GUI:

All these commands can be easily run via the ConfigNOW GUI as below.



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