ConfigNOW 4.1 RC4 now available!

By November 29, 2012August 18th, 2015ConfigNOW

So, what’s new in 4.1 RC4?

In terms of new functionality, RC4 is pretty non-eventful. We’re now ensuring that sensitive database passwords aren’t echoed to screen, ever. We’ve added a number of bug fixes:

  • the run_rcu command now terminates successfully
  • an issue with setting wls.admin.log.custom and wls.admin.httplog.enable properties has been resolved.
  • an issue with loading the supplied with ConfigNOW has been removed

One of the biggest changes I’m excited about, which is invisible to you as the user, is that we’ve done a lot of work on our continuous build infrastructure internally, which is going to significantly cut down on our turnaround time in getting future releases and bug fixes to you, as well as ensuring that fixed bugs stay dead.

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